Cutri Swim Academy



Learning to swim should be an evolving process, not a one-time event.

Because we believe this, we offer :​

  • 6 mos. to 15 mos. - fundamental breath holding and back floating for survival
  • 15 mos. and up - swimming and floating 
  • 3 yrs. and up - stroke, snorkeling and diving introduction 
  • 5 yrs. and up - competitive stroke skills 
  • ADULT - overcoming fear
  • ADULT- stroke refinement 


Salt water and solar heated pool for the students!

Shade and fans in the waiting area for our families


Cutri Swim Academy specializes in creating safe, customized swim lessons for infants to adults. Using positive reinforcement, toys and games we strive to provide a gentle, fun, caring environment to effectively teach parents and children everything from their first splash to advanced competitive stroke lessons. 

CSA lessons are one-on-one, and designed to honor the physical, cognitive and emotional development of the student. We want the learning experience to be as enjoyable as possible for all ages.

For more than 30 years, CSA has found that building swimming skills at a young age can improve a child's coordination, intellectual and social development as well as cultivate self-confidence and lead to a lifetime of safety and fun in the water.